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In the UK, the medical degree is based around preparing for a career as a doctor in the National Health Service. Learning what it takes to work in a caring profession which is part of a healthcare team is a journey which leads to a fulfilling and valued job. 

There are many different careers in the health service and many ways to specialise in different aspects of medicine. Through studying academic medicine the medical degree can also lead to roles in research, developing new techniques or medicines which could improve life for a large number of people. Some dedicate all their time to research while others, such as clinical academics, divide their time between research and treating patients. 

This all starts with an application to study medicine. Information on this website aims to make the application process as clear as possible. It is important that a career in medicine is open to anyone who has the right attributes to be a doctor. If, after reading the information on applications, you have questions about the process, try the FAQs. If these do not answer your question then you are welcome to get in touch.